Decision Support System (DSS) for the potato & tomato late blight disease

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To obtain a user account contact Ian Small,, or Laura Joseph,

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The Late Blight Decision Support System works well on the Mozilla Firefox browser.

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The information on this page is used when you run the lateblight simulator. It does not effect information on the Input/Reports page.

Disease Level:  You will need to select a disease level in order to run the simulator.

Fungicide: Please select the date and hour of the fungicide application and the amount that was applied, and then click on the 'Submit Fungicide' button.


To setup alerts please follow the steps shown below. When you modify your settings, please check Alert Status to verify that settings have been defined correctly.

Alert Status

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Irrigation: Please identify the following information: start date, start hour, end date, end hour and total irrigation amount. Then click on the 'Submit Irrigation' button.


Add a Location

Please select your state and enter a new location name. Identify the crop grown at this location.

Please identify latitude and longitude. You can use the map at the bottom of this page, to do this. Move the map so the pointer is on your location.

Please identify growing season start month and growing season end month.